Les huiles Brut sont arrivées!||The crude olive oil have arrived


The crude olive oil have arrived

The Crude olive oil has arrived!

Crude olive oil differs from traditional oils. Barely harvested, it is already bottled. It is La Belle Excuse which offers us the exclusivity of its first olive harvest of the year with its extra virgin oil. A fresh oil, with a magnificent golden color and blurred consistency. It has a clean olive taste and a peppery flavor that everyone loves!

The harvest of small black olives called Mavrolïa is done directly in the Trifilia-Méssinia region, Greece, at the end of October. Harvested before their full maturity, this is what makes it possible to produce such a smooth oil.

Unlike most olive oils which are only available on the market from spring, 6 months after the olive harvest, crude oils are available soon after harvest. Directly picked, the olives are pressed and bottled the same day.

Unique taste
Not decanted
0.3% acidity rate

How and when to consume it?

In order to take full advantage of all its benefits, it is suggested to consume the Brut oil as soon as possible, in the first months after purchase. Note that the oil can still be consumed up to 24 months after the date of harvest. The oil will settle naturally in its bottle.

With its unique taste, you can use it in many ways. Whether as is, in dressing, to enhance your meals and soups or even to dip your bread, it will add an exquisite touch to your recipes.

Quantities are limited!

Ideas for delicious recipes ...

Greek salad

A fresh vegetable salad with Lebanese cucumber, red onion, sweet green pepper, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, feta, etc. The Crude Oil will enhance its taste wonderfully.

Olive oil cake

A cake that is out of the ordinary with olive oil, poppy seeds and tangerine, all accompanied by fragrant cream. You will love it!

La Belle Excuse : A local company

It is the know-how of Aristo and Michelle that was able to create the Quebec company of Joliette: La Belle Excuse. From authentic oils, through candies to hypo-allergenic olive oil-based hand creams, La Belle Excuse products are the perfect companions for cooking enthusiasts. The olives used for the design of the products are directly harvested in Greece and pressed with care.