Comment choisir le meilleur sac à main?||How to choose the right handbag?


How to choose the right handbag?

Whether it’s for work, going out or shopping, handbags all have different advantages and meet different needs. The size, the color, the material are all criteria that allow us to choose THE handbag that suits us best. At Kozy, we are surrounded by a team that has a great love for fashion accessories and loves, at the change of season, to equip itself with a new handbag. If you’re like us, it’s time to welcome a new one to your collection! But then, will you know how to choose it well? Read on for our top tips!

1. Which of our collections is right for you?

The three handbag collections you will find at Kozy are from Canadian companies with wonderful social and environmental values. The collections feature products made with polyurethane, a vegan leather.

What is polyurethane?

Vegan polyurethane leather is a lightweight and durable synthetic leather. Unlike traditional leather, polyurethane is malleable. It can be bent and twisted without damaging the product. In addition, it is recyclable, insulating, waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity and light. Polyurethane is a socially responsible ecological choice in addition to being a high quality material.

Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood aims to offer the best handbags that meet the needs of its customers by leaving no stone unturned. Style” is the watchword for the company. Each collection offers new colors that match the season’s trends.

S-Q inc.

For the Ontario-based company S-Q, simplicity and quality are the most important things. This is evident in every product the company develops.  The handbags are bags that can be worn in everyday life, as the designs are all quite casual.


Espe designs products with his love of nature. Its designs are original and creative, with nature being the inspiration behind the majority of them. The company strives to offer products that are increasingly in line with sustainability practices.

2. Find the right type of bag for your needs

Although small shoulder bags offer little space for storage, they are ideal for those who only want to carry the essentials. For weekend outings or shopping, this type of bag is often desired. It can be worn simply on the shoulder in a classic way or on the opposite shoulder for absolute comfort.

For those who want to be completely hands-free and need a lot of storage space, the backpack is the perfect solution. For work or school, we often opt for this choice, and with good reason. Some larger backpacks can even carry a laptop.

A handbag that is 100% stylish. It’s a good size, so you can bring all your essentials with you, and then some! Some are even big enough to fit a laptop. A practical bag with lots of storage space that can either be carried on the shoulder or simply carried in the hand using the handle.

Here it is, the bag that meets all your needs! With a simple movement, it can be worn in 2 different ways: as a backpack, as a shoulder bag or as a shoulder bag. Versatile and practical.

3. And finally, the choice of the color

Whether you prefer a more classic handbag color or a punchy color, you’ll find what you’re looking for. For those who love to change their handbag with the changing seasons, we’ll take advantage of the opportunity to choose less classic colors, which will vary with each season. In the summer, we will opt more for bright colors while for the fall and winter, the trend is for darker and darker colors. Those who change bags less frequently and are looking for a bag that will last through time will benefit from choosing a handbag in a classic, all-purpose color, such as black or a shade of brown.

What's new for the fall


Between brown and red is burgundy, a dark color perfect for fall and all-purpose.


For a standout bag, this pretty shade of dark red, approaching purple, is perfect for the season.

Midnight Blue

A fairly dark navy blue