Decorating ideas that move!

Impossible, but true: the long weekend of moving is behind us! 🙌🏼

And so the fun begins, with operation new decor!

By: Sylvia Tessier

Even if you don't plan to do it now, you'll probably need to redesign your little nest of happiness eventually, and that's where we come in. We're not experts in the art of handling a fridge in the narrow steps of a building, but we do know how to arrange accessories & company, and that's pretty handy! 😉

To inspire you in your search for new things for the home, we've decided to offer you some takeaway ambiances. Different pieces, always the same affordable good taste, that's our promise!


This multifunctional room certainly deserves a little attention. You'll find yourself here sometimes to relax, other times for pleasure & maybe even to work. It's important to choose a style that's restrained enough, but with just the right touch of character.

You'll surely never tire of these choices:


Your sanctuary, where you can completely unplug from everyday life, the decoration of this area should follow the same philosophy. Forget overly intense colors and bold prints, opt for inviting softness. Like a comforting hug you'll receive every time you open the door! 🛌 🤗

We love this delicate floral look:

Or the chic sobriety of this one:


From small to large spaces, welcome your guests with elegance and simplicity. Maximize storage (coat hooks, baskets, hooks), create enlarging effects (mirrors) and set the tone with a judicious selection of decorative objects.

Our favourites?


Wherever the action takes place, you need to be well equipped! Small appliances, furniture, organizational accessories & table textiles, we know how to entertain & the prices will even allow you to pay for pizza for everyone! 🍕

Unless you'd rather do it yourself? 🤤

Happy moving season to all! 😃