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Say what you will, fruit juices - most of them combined with yogurt, nuts or other proteins - are an excellent alternative choice for hurried breakfasts. 🍊

Healthy, sensible and even sexy!

By: Sylvia Tessier

Eating well is therapy for the mind, much more so than you might think. We often forget that the simplicity of a good beverage rich in various nutrients can completely change our lifestyle. Energy boost, multiple benefits for the body: vitamin, mineral & antioxidant intake, warding off numerous illnesses [hypertension, diabetes or heart disease], appetite suppressant, the smoothie is an ally to adopt into your ranks, for the better. 🥛🍌

To do so, we recommend you start with these 4 mouth-watering recipes, easy as pie:


Or the ultimate drink if you're bummed to see a bunch of photos of people in the South on your feed 👙☀️

—> pineapple, orange juice, Greek yogurt, mango;


If you feel a little guilty about your holiday excesses maybe? 💪🏼

—> apples, carrots & ginger;


Everyone needs a direct energy high in their veins in January, let's face it ⚡️

—> frozen (or fresh) blueberries, cranberry juice, 1/2 banana;


Just because it sometimes goes a little too fast between when your clock strikes vs. when you have to get to the office ⏰😵‍💫

—> frozen strawberries, cocoa, cashews, oatmeal & maple syrup;

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Because 300W of power, plus 2 blades (one for grinding, one for mixing), 2 828 ml transport glasses & a small container for nuts, that's quite the all-inclusive package for a successful fruity cocktail!


Approx. 48 hours after combining all ingredients.


1) For a clever sweetener: honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract, dates if you're feeling adventurous!

2) Use frozen fruit for that coveted "slushy" twist;

3) Prepare your frappés the day before, to save even more time on the day itself (and to avoid rousing your family members from their slumber) 🤫.

And now it's your turn to "juice"-er!

(oopsi, we're not as addicted to smoothies as we are to making dubious puns 🙌🏼)