DIY - The perfect card for mom in 4 steps

Making your own Mother's Day gift is really cool. Buying Mom's gift from Boutique Kozy is a great idea too! Create a personalized card with your own hands WITH Kozy flowers: the pinnacle or what? 💐

By: Sylvia Tessier

Well, maybe not, but we had an irrepressible urge to try out this idea & we're pretty proud of the result! So today we're going to tell you how to make the most charming Mother's Day card in 4 relatively simple steps.


Gather all the elements you'll need for this craft project, i.e.:

  • - Cardboard/kraft paper;
  • - Ruler;
  • - Scissors;
  • - Exacto (retractable blade knife);
  • - Jute (or rope of your choice);
  • - Sharpie or pen;
  • - Artificial or natural flowers;
  • - Small dried foliage.


Choose 8 œ /11 kraft paper, fairly thick. Fold the paper in half, horizontally. Using a ruler, draw two short, thin lines of equal length down the center of the card. Next, you'll need to insert something rigid between the top and bottom pages & press your lines with an exacto, adopting a firm, precise pressure. Slowly, but surely!

N.B. Don't forget to place a cutting board between the card and your work surface - it would be a shame to scratch your furniture!


Select your favorite dried or natural flowers and cut about two mini stems per model.

Wrap a few turns of jute or other rope tightly around the base. Tie a knot and use the excess to make a pretty loop of the desired size. Afterwards, place the bouquet on top of the card, so that you can assess the length of the stems and make any additional cuts required.


Gently insert your creation inside the previously created tabs and adjust the stems again to your taste, carefully trimming the lower part of the branches.

Write a sweet note or drawing on the top of the card with a Sharpie for a more rustic effect & then compose a message full of love & gratitude in pen, inside the greeting card.

Now all you have to do is admire your Pinterest-worthy marvel & count the days until you can give it to the most precious woman in your life: your dear mother! đŸ‘©â€đŸ‘§