Donnez de la vie à votre nouvelle maison avec un peu de verdure!||Give life to your new house with a green touch


Give life to your new house with a green touch

There is nothing like plants and greenery to give a wind of freshness to your new home. Nice planters, suspended planters, straw basket… many options are available to embellish your decor. No need to have a green thumb, Kozy thinks about everything, even to the bad gardeners.

Artificial realist plants
Here at Kozy, we offer artificial plants with unmatched quality. From succulents, palm tree leaves to a bunch of greenery, our fake plants will surely fool your guest, even the best gardeners among them.

Our suggestions:

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Suspended planters:

A nice way to decorate while clearing the floor and furniture from big planters is to have suspended planters in different rooms. Offered in many different sizes, it can hold many medium-sized plants. Put them in a corner or near the window so the plants can get some sun.

Our suggestions:

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Plants and greenery, it’s good: but adding a planter that coordinate well with your decor, it brings up the style at another level. Whether you love more classical options or more original ones, let yourself get inspired by our various choices here at Kozy.

Our suggestions:

See our planters here

There are a thousand different ways to put life into your household after moving in, but one of the more efficient ways is to add a green touch in every room. Whether you love more real or fake plants, you will find all these options at boutique Kozy. It’s an appointment… when the last box is empty.