Raw pleasure: a fun interior

First in a series of four articles, we take a look at the top decorating trends of 2024. At the top of the list: the unbridled style of playful decor! 🌈

By: Sylvia Tessier

A fresh start is essential in many areas of our daily lives, especially in our living spaces. The winds of freshness that invigorate our interiors are more precious than ever to break the undisputed reign of more modern decors with accents of tobacco, black & cream. If there's one promise this decorative trend can make, it's just that: to advocate an environment that's anything but neutral!

How do you succumb to this movement without feeling like you're living in a juvenile painting? Nothing could be simpler!

We embrace our creative impulses, giving a free pass to our hitherto repressed desires.

Wallpaper is an excellent example of this, as its extravagant patterns and vitamin-rich colors have a way of frightening many people. But playful doesn't have to mean eccentric!

It's certainly possible to color your atmosphere with pastel hues that will skilfully transpose a tender energy - so you can keep your libertine soul in a room.

Chalkboard-stylepaint is also an interesting option. You can shape the drawings as you like, and they'll go happily on the walls. And no, slate isn't just for playrooms. In the kitchen, covered with tasty recipes & herbs drawn freehand. In the office, for an amalgam of ideas to share. Wherever creativity is welcome, after all.

Random shapes, a variety of cheerful colors, accessories that recall the lightness of childhood and eclectic works of art are just some of the musts for doing justice to this much sought-after imperfect look.

The beauty of this trend is that you can personalize your decor. Representing your emotions, playful touches are almost always guided by the heart. They brighten up the atmosphere, energize it. They give you a rendezvous with the unexpected!