Embellir un petit espace vestibule en deux temps, trois mouvements!||Beautify a small hallway space in no time!


Beautify a small hallway space in no time!

Although they must be first and foremost functional and ingenious, you must rely on a creative aesthetic when it comes to designing your home’s entrance. Small area? No problem! We present you with 6 must-haves that alone will make all the difference!

1 - Furniture

The selected piece of furniture can have several forms: bench, side table, shelf, wall storage… All ideas are accepted, depending on the square footage allocated. The console table remains a must because of its compact and minimalist side.

2 - Lighting

And the light was there! The choice of lighting is essential to create a chic and inviting atmosphere. This two tone lamp is a perfect compromise between the softness of white and the warmth of natural!

3 - Wall decoration

It is known, mirrors illuminate and enlarge a room. We choose ours by favoring round or oval cuts, because it is essential to soften the first glance. This is exactly what curves will do and this striped model from Umbra will prove it!

4 - Storage

The sure thing in the business: baskets! We love them all, partly because of their versatility. In the winter, we slip toques and scarves into the large size, and in the summer, we insert a nice piece of foliage! The slimmer ones make excellent storage containers – their use is endless! 

5 - Vases & pots

Bringing in a little transparency is beneficial when it comes to style. The subtlety of glass purifies and avoids overloading surfaces, in addition to making the decorative elements that will be nearby shine. A clear vase, for example, allows us to have fun with shapes and heights!

6 - Branches & flowers

The final touch is in 90% of the cases, a little greenery. Artificial or natural plants will skillfully complete the look of your entrance. Don’t forget that this place will set the tone for all the people who will come to visit you, it is not negligible!