Gifts guide:

office gift exchange

Hiiiii, it's almost Christmas! 🎅🏼🙃

The magic is slowly setting in, and so is the first snow! At our head office (and in our stores), November-December means lots of hours on the clock, lots of preparation, lots of excitement and, above all, lots of pure joy!

By: Sylvia Tessier

In-store merchandising is progressing quite well, the glittering holiday windows are going up happily & the little elves at the warehouse are getting their bells on in no jest, just to make sure all your packages arrive as quickly as possible!

Technically speaking, all is going well, but only one thing remains on the list, and you may see me coming... the famous office gift exchanges! 📝💼

What's great about this story is that, like it or not, there are a lot of similarities between colleagues from one place to another. What happens in the office probably happens in other offices too, right? 😅

With this in mind, we thought we'd offer you a little gift guide adapted to this reality, and as a bonus, we'll introduce you to the personality traits of the different team members! Whether you're in purchasing, marketing, accounting or even upper management, we've got you covered...

Watch out!

What to give to...

The person who's always cold?

no matter how much you turn up the thermostat, it's never enough to warm her up! You'd think she had both feet in a block of ice, but fortunately, Camille's heart is very warm! 🥰

Knit Lounge Socks - Taupe

The person set to the quarter turn: who eats, takes his coffee and goes to the p'tit coin at the same time? ⏱️😅

When the expression: it's probably noon somewhere in the world takes all its sense! Raphaël is probably late for dinner!

Men's watch - White stitching

The full-tech person, who changes his cell phone every 3 months ?

He probably wouldn't be our marketing director if he wasn't so fond of every new electronic thing imaginable. We'd love to buy him shares in Apple, but that would blow the budget! Sorry Marc! 📲🍎

Deluxe knitted cushion - Bottle green

The person who passes on her messages with humorous mugs?

One look at the quote on her morning coffee (sometimes biting, often comical & friendly) to align her state of mind. You're either an editor or you're not, Sylvia! ☕️✍🏼

Mug - Super mom, super tired

The person who always orders on Doordash?

If we provided Sabrina with accessories & a lunchbox that bordered on perfection, do you think it would give her the kick she needs to prepare delicious dinners? Too bad Ricardo's been married for over 30 years, he'd have been perfect with a cabbage on his head. 🙊🩷

Lunch box - Rusty

The person who deserves a break because they're so involved everywhere?

We don't know how they manage it, but clearly, Chantal & Stéphane have more hours in their day than the average person. These workaholics, people invested in their work (😉) will be delighted by our relaxation essentials, I promise!

Bath tea

The festive person who likes vino?

Mondays are probably hard for everyone, but a little harder for her! 🤪 We make her experience easier by providing her with the coolest & most practical bar gadgets to keep Nancy's inner mixologist happy!

Wine pump

The totally self-care person with flawless skin?

We all envy her a little, but we'll never tell her! Her youthful complexion certainly irritates us, but we still want to give her the best of it so that it stays that way. We're the same way with Roxane! 🥹

Hand cream - Precious wood

With these suggestions, you're sure to have the best autumn of your life (and we're not exaggerating!)