Autumn & its sublime trends

At Kozy, seasonal changes are always synonymous with a quest for novelty! 💫

By: Sylvia Tessier

Approximately 3 to 5 times a year, our wonderful purchasing team travels to the 4 corners of the globe to find THE products that will meet your expectations.

Vegas, New York, Atlanta, Germany, China, Chicago: just a few of the destinations we visit to see your eyes shine!

One of the great pleasures of going on a hunt for new discoveries [in decoration, fashion or well-being] is the kind of excitement that takes hold of us a few days before the big departure: we talk about the materials that will be in the spotlight, the color palettes on offer, or we make predictions (or utopian desires)! 🤪

No joke, these events are eagerly awaited & appreciated by all our big family and the idea came to us to share a few exclusives and what better way to do it than on this blog of wonders!

➡️ Obviously, we have to censor ourselves a little so as not to spoil all the divine surprises awaiting you in store in the coming weeks, but we've managed to squeeze out as much information as possible expressly for you!


Greens (especially amber + khaki/forest green) will literally steal the scene! Harmoniously balanced, they'll bring richness & depth to your outfits and pieces.


The mushroom is not about to disappear, even resurrecting itself in several variations! The traditional pumpkin persists & makes its mark in several interesting materials.


The bosses fell under the spell many times during their last stay in Toronto, but they confessed to us that they fell in love at first sight with a pair of slippers + robe in Sherpa & chenille. Textiles renowned for their great comfort certainly, but for their ability to keep you nice and warm above all! 🥵


Striated glass will be hitting hard this year: wine glasses, liquor glasses, vases... if it's made of glass, there's a good chance it'll be strewn with notches!

Otherwise, tons of new products will soon be gracing our tables & walls in store:

ready-to-eat desserts from Montreal's top chefs - comfort food at its best;

colorful soaps - really funky/confetti;

powdered bubble bath in pretty girly shades;

a refined, yet moderately priced jewelry collection;

handbags in a fabric "never before seen" in our inventories!

in short: a huge batch of bursting arrivals that we hope will make you squeal "oh my god" and "wow" with cuteness! 🤩

Because after all, that's kind of our job, isn't it? (and we take our work very seriously indeed)!