Le bar est à l’honneur pour la fêtes des Pères!||The bar is in the spotlight for Father’s Day


The bar is in the spotlight for Father’s Day

Fathers rarely take a break; there is always something to tinker with in the house, snow to blow or a tire to inflate. And if they are always on the lookout for small and large repairs, it’s because it’s their way of caring for their loved ones. Certainly, when they finally stop for a moment, it’s with a cold beer or their favorite drink in hand!

Boutique Kozy has planned the shot with an original selection of gifts for Father’s Day. Decoration for his man cave, gadgets that he would not dare to offer himself and other objects of service to complete his bar … Each of these thoughts represent an opportunity to live a beautiful moment in his company for Father’s Day. By sharing his favorite drink, of course!

Here are some of our favorite gifts:


Large beer glass – Enfin un verre qui convient
This glass overcomes the biggest thirst! Makes dads laugh every time they drink a beer with this 1.5 L glass with a humorous message.

Set of 4 microbrewery beer glasses
For the beer lovers of all kinds! Bring the microbrewery home. Each glass is specifically designed for a specific type of beer, enhancing the flavors and fun!

Beer cork box – Bonne bière
Useful and enjoyable, this beer bottle opener collects corks in its integrated box to follow the evolution of dad’s well-watered evenings. It may be solicited on game nights!

Rox & Roll Whiskey Set
Just take the stainless steel ball out of the freezer and spin it in the glass to cool your dad’s favorite whiskey, without diluting it like an ice cube. It will stay in place without ever falling during the tasting.

Flask – Carburant
While its convenient size is ideal for slipping into a pocket, its humorous message promises to be talked about, no matter where Dad brings it.

What to spoil all the fathers of your entourage!