MAXIMALISM, an intelligent overload!

After years of minimizing everything, we're seeing the long-awaited return of maximalism to our homes. But what does it eat again? Take a look at our second top trend of 2024!

By: Sylvia Tessier

Striking patterns, bright colors and a profusion of deco objects in the space. Incorporate oversized floral prints (if you've had a repressed wallpaper dream, now's the time to act!), geometric or exotic accents to create eclecticism and life to your environment.

The way to proceed is quite simple: create focal zones to avoid visual confusion, because it's precisely the layering of shapes, finishes and hues that brings this style to life. Go step by step, adding one color or texture at a time.

Although this aesthetic tends towards eccentricity bordering on clutter - there's an unexplained coziness to weighing down one's decor. A correlation with a sense of emptiness that is currently tearing our society apart, perhaps? We fill this kind of emotional emptiness by filling our spaces with diverse objects & giving the illusion of a full life.

That's what maximalism is all about: letting objects tell a bit of a story. The 7th-generation porcelain bequeathed by grandma, the antique clock found at a flea market, in short, a kind of improvised museum.

Popular materials?

Incorporating materials such as marble, aluminum, colored glass & gilding are safe bet. Dark wood is a must & velvet is prized for its rich vintage character.

The best thing about this style, however, is that there are no real regulations. Nothing is too worn, old-fashioned, quaint or outdated. You just put what you like everywhere, randomly - it unifies and looks like nothing else. A little less organization & polished decor is good for the soul sometimes, so have fun!