The little guide to a

successful lunch

When the vacations come to an end and there are fewer days left in August than behind, it's officially time to get back to business as usual. It's back to the office or back to school& and with that comes the headache of packing lunches!

By: Sylvia Tessier

Never mind, we're in this together and have put together a mini compendium of tips & practical facts you need to know to manage lunch like the pros! 🥙🎒

To choose the right container...

YES -> Zippers: resistant after several uses

NO -> Velcro fasteners: often fall apart quickly

The must-have for the perfect lunch bag: inner insulation

Whether metallized foil or rigid plastic, top-quality insulation is a must.

What about maintenance?

Ideally, a bag should be cleaned in a friendly manner - since that's obviously not the most pleasant part! - but if your lunch box doesn't slip into the washer in a hurry, you can still get rid of bad smells!

Take a clean cloth & soak it generously in vinegar. Scrub the areas that need it and let it sit overnight, then you'll have a brand new box free of unwanted scents! 🪄

The 3 commandments of the do-it-yourself meal:

1- You'll enjoy your leftovers from the night before so you can eat them with appetite the next day;

2- Thou shalt control sugar, fat & all superfluous additions to thy food;

3- Avoid wasting dollars.

🤫 Our secret at the office...

Once a month, at Kozy's, we organize... a collective dinner!

A tasty crunchy salad, tacos-burritos-quesadillas, anything goes! Of course, the more ingredients to share, the better. A beautiful list of components is created and made available to us at the start of the week, and everyone is invited to tick off the product(s) they'd like to bring. In this way, we respect everyone's tastes...and budgets!

So we're officially declaring the ingenious lunch season OPEN ! 😋🥗