Le retour des huiles Brut!||Crude Olive Oil Is Back


Crude Olive Oil Is Back

While most of the new olive oil cuvées on the market are only available from spring, 6 months after their original harvest, La Belle Excuse offers you the exclusivity of its first harvest of olives from the year with its extra virgin Brut olive oil.

Unlike more conventional oils which are made from green olives, this one is made from small black Mavrolïa olives. This product offered in limited quantities is the result of a picking at the end of October, a press and a bottling during the same day, without going through the process where the oil is decanted and filtered, which usually lasts a minimum of two months. For this reason, you can use it in your small dishes much earlier and enjoy its freshness, beautiful golden color, and cloudy consistency. But hurry! This is a product that only comes once a year, just before the holidays.

Although it is best to consume it as soon as possible to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer (that is to say in the first months after its purchase), you can consume this oil 24 months after its harvest date, and use it to your liking. Whether as is, in a vinaigrette to accompany a salad, with a bread roll, or to decorate your meats, soups and pasta, it is creamy, has a rich taste of olives and an incomparable peppery flavor with a rate of acidity of 0.3%. In fact, when it comes to acidity levels, a common olive oil will have 3% or less acidity, while an extra virgin olive oil will have a rate of 0.8% or less, which which classifies this one as very good. Since this is a product that leaves a light deposit, it is advisable to mix it well before each use. This is simply due to the natural settling of the product, which is quite normal.

The oils are available for pre-order here for in-store reservation and will be ready in early December. Quantities are limited, while stocks last.

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