Le vegan versus la mode||Vegan versus fashion


Vegan versus fashion

The vegan, trend in food, but now also very present in fashion.

What is vegan in mode:

Since the beginning of the 20th century, more and more influential people in the field of fashion are “coming out”, a social awareness begins to invade the environment. For example, Amélie Pichard (French designer) and Pamela Anderson who released a line of shoes in 2016. Animal materials are less and less in demand, the reason is simple: the planet.

The exploitation of animals for various consumption causes 15% of the greenhouse gases of the planet, whether for food or clothing.

In the fashion industry, we find more and more material excluding 100% animal materials. For example, to eliminate leather in the manufacture of handbags, the major brands use PU (polyurethane). It is a polymer used in the manufacture of several everyday materials (Lycra, windsurfing, car dashboard, head restraints, dining room chair, etc.).

Polyurethane has the advantage of being an extremely durable material, malleable, insulating, waterproof but above all, recyclable. Its environmental benefits are much smaller than other leather alternatives, such as PVC or vinyl.


Born of a love for fashion, Pixie Mood is a Canadian company that designs trendy accessories: handbags, tote bags, wallets, etc. With a keen eye for upcoming trends, they bring stylish and unique designs. They are constantly looking for new style and new materials in order to innovate. The main textiles used by Pixie Mood are PU, cork and felt.

Why cruelty-free / vegan friendly?

Pixie Mood loves animals, so it’s natural to provide alternatives to leather and fur, allowing everyone to make a more compassionate choice without compromise. Place in fashion with compassion!

We also love animals, so Pixie Mood is for us a must for fashionistas. In addition, to be functional, collections are for all occasions and everyone can find his account. Our customers who have bought a Pixie Mood have had heart-throbs and look forward to the collection of the following season. They are also characterized by their very good price / quality ratio. In short, it must be tried to adopt!


This eco-friendly Canadian company, from the very beginning, only designs their products with animal leather substitute materials. Note also that Espe, to ensure the quality and integrity of their team, visits their manufacturing twice a year.

Our customers who know Espe are loyal and know the quality and durability of these products. To our delight, in the spring and fall of each year, a new collection arrives in our stores and each time, Espe is renewed with styles, patterns and colors, but their greatest strength is found when even in every product: their functionality. The most common comment from our customers is that they can effectively store their belongings in their purses and / or wallets. These products are provided with several storage spaces and this, keeping their look loved by customers.

You must see it to believe it!