Fall musts, Kozy-style!

Probably our favorite season of all time & for that reason: fashion, decor & wellness favorites for everyone! 🤗

By: Sylvia Tessier

We see you out and about with your spicy lattes, your little full-comfort plaid woollens, and we know you've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of October too, let's face it!🧣🤭

The fun thing about us is that we welcome the pumpkin everything season in more ways than one. Yes, we celebrate the arrival of trendy accessories in warm hues, but we also appreciate the decorative transition that's slowly taking hold in our homes. Not to mention the little moments of self-care that are multiplying with absolute speed - just what we need to prepare our skin for cooler temperatures.

Here's a sneak preview of our top winners in all categories! 🏆

DECORATION -> throws & cushions

Pretty tempting to wrap yourself up in this gorgeous khaki fringed throw, isn't it? Just think how cozy you'll be in front of all your favorite TV shows at your next parties & don't forget the matching cushion! 🛋🍃

GIFT IDEAS -> gourmet

One of fall's guilty pleasures is comfort food! We've got plenty of suitable delights, but here's a very personal top 3: our apple & salted caramel brie seasoning, our maple & bacon confit & our 3D hot chocolate teddy bears! Be that person who always brings a sweet gift to your friends and family to help them discover the wide variety of Quebec products. Sharing quality!

KITCHEN -> double-walled mugs

Our favorite mug for warm autumn beverages is definitely the double-walled one! But why? The title says it all, there are two walls: an inner insulation to keep your coffee warm, and an elegant outer wall to ensure a pleasant feel. The best of both worlds, and its timeless clear glass will be with you for years to come!

FASHION -> Cloche hats & co

Inject a touch of style into your outfit with our surprising selection of contemporary accessories! Big, big love for the return of bucket hats, available in a range of colors, but at a price that's sure to please. Special mention to our fringed scarves, a cozy comfort to accompany you in your outdoor activities!

WELL-BEING -> candles & ambiance

Diffuseurs, scented candles or Berger lamps, all amber or slightly spicy olfactory solutions are welcome! There's no better way to get into a relaxed mood. We're partial to the pink pepper, clove & saffron notes of Maison Berger's "Terre d'épices" fragrance & the herbaceous scent of our Lucia candle with its bay leaf & olive scent, wow! 🕯 🌿

With these suggestions, you're sure to have the best autumn of your life (and we're not exaggerating!)