Musts for a cozy bedroom

Comfort, inner peace, rejuvenation & intimacy: if there's one place where batteries need recharging, it's definitely in the bedroom.

By: Sylvia Tessier

To do this, we certainly rely on functionality, but it's important not to skimp on the desire to find yourself & to feel in a state of absolute serenity. A few specific additions to display your very own colors & that's it: mission accomplished! 🎯

In our opinion, here are 5 invaluable steps to help you furnish your special room:

The right lighting

The lighting formula is simple: a ceiling light & a few carefully considered accent lights, depending on your lifestyle.

A floor lamp by the armchair where you reinvent the world, a book in hand for the lover of literature & imagination.

A table lamp on a work desk, drawing table or any other passion that energizes the creative enthusiast.

The traditional, but oh-so-essential bedside lamps will create a hushed ambience, conducive to well-deserved relaxation. Yellows should be considered for their dynamic glow, but in smaller doses so as not to steal the spotlight from a desired tranquillity.

Covering the floor + walls with softness

We say & repeat that the bedroom is like an enveloping cocoon, but why not literally imitate this metaphor? Incorporating texture & form into our décor is an essential part of making it graceful & warm.

Choosing the right curtains and rugs is the foundation for defining the style in which you will evolve. Velvet & organic materials are sure to be in vogue this season, so consider this option.

Thoughtful bedding

There's a misconception that quality bedding has to cost an arm and a leg. Today's good news: we're here to prove you wrong! Resistant, soft, easy-care materials, each model of our Brunelli textiles is a successful compromise between savings & style. Prioritize sober prints & timeless colors.

Elegant storage

One of the most creative ways to dress up a room? Dare to use mismatched, minimalist yet refined furniture. Benches, occasional tables & shelves are truly aesthetic solutions, uncluttered but full of charm, that can be renewed as the mood takes you, unlike conventional large pieces of furniture.

An individual finishing touch

To make the environment 100% your own private retreat, all that's missing is a hint of... you! Display a flamboyant work of art that represents you in a strong & communicative way, display nostalgic photographic memories or invite a star decorative element (mirror, floral arrangement or other) to finally allow your personality to have fun & proudly display itself in this sanctuary of yours!