Three Wix & Co candles:
exquisite collaboration

It offers 3-wick candles, bath bombs & room mists.

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By: Sylvia Tessier

By: Sylvia Tessier

Three qui?
Three wix & Co.

The Quebec benchmark for fragranced products, lovingly handcrafted in small, exclusive quantities. If you haven't heard of this Lanaudière-based company, remember their name and hurry over to discover them!

Their promise?

Zero disappointment, unique and concentrated fragrances, top-quality raw materials - no phthalates, no parabens, in short, an unforgettable fragrance adventure.

The meeting

Karina [our visual fairy] lives in the same small town where the company is based. She knew and was already a fan of their products. After several exchanges, the Three Wix X Kozy collaboration was the natural next step. The vision of Pierre & Natacha - the charming owner-couple - was very similar to that of our brand, and the opportunity to offer quality candles in our image fell from the sky! We'd have been crazy not to! This wonderful story is now celebrating its first year of life... let's hope it continues for a long time to come!

New summer products

As the evenings continue and Bermuda shorts make their comeback, summer will be in full swing, and so will the scents of the season! Here's a sneak preview of some bewitching fragrances that are sure to win your hearts.

Fruity cocktail

Fruits parties don't just happen in smoothies! This candle will surprise you with its tasty combination of mango, strawberry, papaya & bergamot. This tropical union isn't flat at all! You'll just have to restrain yourself from licking the jar now. 😅

Top notes: mango
Heart notes: raspberry vine
Base notes: sugar cane

Lychee flowers

Ahh the lychee, that misunderstood fruit! Although extremely sweet, its fragrance is very similar to that of the rose - delicately vegetal. Its flower, though ephemeral, is highly prized and refined. Combine all this with the assertive notes of orchid (and a little aniseed and coffee), and you've got a wild and crazy combination! 

Top notes: orchid flowers
Heart notes: wild lychee
Base notes: woody agave

Tropical morning

It's sunny. It's warm. The sun is warming your face and you can almost hear the sound of the waves in the distance... If your feet aren't in the sand, your nostrils will be delighted by the delicious fragrances of berries, oranges, pink hibiscus & melon. Travel on a budget, challenge accepted!

Top notes: blackberries & peaches
Heart notes: sea salt petals
Base notes: white clove & coconut wood


The Kozy x Three Wix association promises you: high quality raw materials, a soft aesthetic and a product concocted with know-how & heart, by and for local people!