Les tendances déco : Printemps-été 2020||Spring 2020: Fashion trends


Spring 2020: Fashion trends

The Eternal Classics

Even if the snow is slow to melt, spring novelties are arriving in stores and our fashion section is certainly no exception to this breath of fresh air! You will gradually find several new products in store that will be perfect for the spring-summer 2020 season, starting with classic colors that never go out of style such as white, black, gray and caramel.

Add some color!

If you want to be daring, several slightly brighter colors should be considered for the coming season, in particular apricot and sage, two very interesting colors which are appearing this season. You will also find pink and pale blue in the store, soft colors that are perfect for adding a little life to a sober outfit, without going too far out of its comfort zone.

Turn green

Obviously, the ecological trend is one of the most important of the year, which is why leather has been abandoned to give way to vegan alternatives like polyurethane. This is a movement that we have been following for several years at Kozy! Pixie Mood even now incorporates fabrics made from recycled bottles to line its various handbags.

All in curves

As for the shapes, this season we find a lot of rounded shapes in handbags: we love the new products from SQ, which present us with round backpacks that are out of the ordinary! Moreover, interestingly, there are many more backpacks on the market than in previous seasons. These versatile and transformable bags are a great alternative to change from traditional handbags.

Patterns everywhere

In terms of textiles, we really like the camouflaged floral patterns: they are so big that at first glance, you don't even know it's a flower! Animal print is still in fashion this season, so you can take out the items you already have or get some, because it's a trend that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon!