Beer glasses,

where to start?

Any beer fans in the room? 🍻

And just as well, because I'm also a fan of this sometimes amber, sometimes pale, sometimes dark delight! And like all good beer lovers, you need to understand that certain beers are best drunk in certain glasses. Whatever your preferences, I've put together a quick guide to help you better understand how to match the type of beer to its designated glass (or simply to refresh your memory).

I'll outline 5 different models, all ready to be filled with the hops of happiness! 🤩

The "Tulip" glass

A glass specially designed for serving strong-flavored lagers - IPAs and American Pale Ale - this tumbler boosts the beer's fragrant power, and pushes tantalizing flavors up through its neck. It's thirst-quenching! 🥜🧀

The bock (or beer mug)

The beer mug (from the Alsatian schoppe, meaning "tall beer glass") is probably the most universal container for a "p'tite frette"! Pilsner or Läger-style are divinely suited to these bocks, which need to be put in the freezer first to ensure they're cold enough for maximum frosting! 🍺❄️

The "Weizen" glass

This glass says it all, since "weizen" means wheat in German. Its shape is predisposed to releasing the light & refreshing fragrances of these generally top-fermented beers. A must-have! 🌾💛

The set for the undecided

This set of beer glasses is perfect for those who like to taste all the different foam possibilities. Place them on a beautiful wood-grained board and welcome your guests with a variety of aromatic beers for a pleasurable taste experience! 🤤

The humorous glass

Well, there's not much special about this glass, except that it'll make you laugh harder and harder as you finish off the alcohol inside! There's nothing like a funny drink with questionable puns or well-placed quotes to create a relaxed & warm atmosphere, right?

Now you're ready to celebrate in style, but with a touch of moderation, okay? 🤏🏼🤠