Lili Gourmet: une marque à retenir!||Lili Gourmet: a brand to remember!


Lili Gourmet: a brand to remember!

No matter what your summer plans are, feeding yourself will always be on your to-do list. Did you know that you can do it quickly, tastefully and with the freshest local products? That’s exactly what Lili Gourmet offers you! Hard to believe, but whether you’re with friends at the campsite, on the patio with your family or just at home on a weeknight, the high-end condiments from this local company will delight your taste buds! 
With friends at the camping
Forget the marshmallows and the hot dog on the menu, let’s refine the formula a bit by concocting a tasting platter worthy of the name! Choose three of your favorite cheeses, the equivalent of cold cuts and add a succulent onion confit, as well as the nuts of your choice for crunch. You’ll be equipped to stay up late as they say! We bet this sweet and sour mix will satisfy the bellies of all your happy campers!

At home, on a weeknight

Pearl onions on a burger? Yes. Pearl onions in a braise? Yes! Pearl onions in a condiment? Yes!!! It’s not hard to imagine, we are about to put them in our coffee because they are so full of flavor and endless versatility. Personally, we opt for a good brie burger + mushrooms on a Tuesday night before soccer practice. Quickly done, well done!

On the terrace with the family

A good marinated chicken breast recipe is sure to please your guests… especially if you use the magic ingredient of mustard, ginger and lemongrass dressing! Mustard is an antioxidant, ginger aids digestion and lemongrass has anti-inflammatory properties. Add to that a sublime taste and you get the whole package in one bottle!

Did you know...

The Lili Gourmet adventure began in 2003 with a very tasty port jelly recipe. Now, this Quebec company has several varieties of condiments: confits, spreads, not to mention dressings! To this day, it is even accredited by “Aliments Québec” and its products proudly carry the certification!