Nos conseils pour un aménagement de bureau réussi||Our tips for a successful office design


Our tips for a successful office design

Does September mean a return to the face-to-face office or a move to the hybrid model for you? Whatever your situation, it’s important to feel good about your workspace, whether it’s at work or at home. Personalizing it will instantly improve your mood and, according to some studies, even your productivity. It’s worth the time to think about it! 

The decoration, for an office with your image

At home, if you have an entire room for your office, you may want to give it a new lease on life with some updated decorations. The addition of a canvas, shelves and a clock, for example, can do the trick. In the office, it is still possible to decorate the surface of your furniture with small decorative accessories such as photo frames, knickknacks, candles and small vases.

For a touch of life: greenery!

Whether real or artificial, greenery has the ability to add a touch of life to a room. It will be greatly appreciated in an office as it is a wonderful decorative addition. For small spaces, opt for a small succulent small succulent.

Storage, so important

Papers, pencils, post-it notes… there’s never enough storage space for everything you need in an office! The best way to stay focused is to be organized and have a clean and orderly workspace. It is much more pleasant to work when everything is in its place! So here are our 4 suggestions for items that will make it easier to keep your office tidy, while still looking good!

The atmosphere, the key!

Are you, like us, a fan of essential oil diffusers? Do you know the different benefits of oils, sometimes stimulating, sometimes soothing? We love essential oil diffusers that add a decorative aspect to the office while contributing to the atmosphere. 

Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus essential oil has energizing properties. When you feel tired in the afternoon, just add a few drops to your diffuser to smell their fragrance and enjoy their benefits.

Super lavender

Lavender is known for its calming benefits. Indeed, it acts against stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system. Perfect for more stressful days at work or for weeks of exams.


Peppermint has virtues to increase concentration and reduce fatigue. Tip: a drop under the tongue gives an instant energy boost (avoid for children and pregnant women).