Personnalisez votre nouvelle demeure à petit prix!||Personalize your new house without breaking the bank


Personalize your new house without breaking the bank

Each year, the beginning of July officially set the season of moving. Whether you’re moving to a new house or a new apartment, one thing is sure; this big change can be really expansive. The best way to feel at home fast, it’s to decorate your new home according to your likings. Here are our suggestions to make it a safe haven.


Vases for all decors

Vases are easy objects to integrate into your living space; arranging different colors and sizes, we can give a new look to any furniture. The trend at the moment? Coordinate three different vases to create a look worthy of the best decoration magazine. Color accents or neutral tones, eucalyptus or lavender branches, smooth or textured… possibilities are endless to find a unique style to your own decor.

Our suggestions:

Handle vase (see product)
White and terracotta planter (see product)
Pink medium vase (see product)


A basket for all your objects

You’re lacking storage space? Your kid’s toys are everywhere? This straw basket is an amazing solution to help you with this issue. Drop it on the floor or store it in some furniture for stylish storage. Pssit, recycle it in a planter for one of your plants after a spring cleaning.

Our suggestions:

Large belly basket – Natural (see product)
Cellulose grey bag (see product)


Dress your space with a carpet

One of the best ways to create a cozy ambiance in any room is to place a carpet.  Whether it’s small or big (depending on the space you have), the texture of a woven floor mat brings depth to the master bedroom, the living room and even the bathroom. With the various models and colors available on the market, you will surely find one that will please you and that’ll fit perfectly in your decor. At the foot of the bed, under a coffee table or in front of the vanity … give free rein to your imagination!

Our suggestions:

Tribal carpet – Black & white (see product)
Boho carpet – Beige and grey (see product)


There are many options available to decorate your new house without breaking the bank: it simply starts by choosing the right things to decorate according to your liking. And no need to pay the big price… decorative objects are pretty and at a low cost at Kozy! Have a nice time moving!