Quel est votre style préféré?||What’s your favorite style?


What’s your favorite style?

As is well known, in 2018, your home decor is more likely to resemble your personality. What everyone is looking for is being good and comfortable at home. That’s why, this fall, a single word is in the spotlight and is repeated in each style of decoration: the cocooning.

Several styles, all as different from each other, can be found in magazines, on Pinterest and in our stores.

  • The scandinavian

  • The boho chic

  • The greenery

  • The tropical

  • The chic shack

  • The English style

  • The wabi-sabi

In the Scandinavian style, nature is in the spotlight: wood, wool, cotton, leather, but most importantly, light. This combination of material is the reason why this style remains timeless, authentic and warm, who does not like nature!

Photo: eparticuliers

The boho chic or bohemian chic, is a reminder of the life of nomad, the handmade, arrangements of materials, travel, colors, etc. The general idea is to relax comfortably at home and enjoy a daily trip. Macrames, flowers, lace and dream catchers are central elements of boho chic décor.

Photo: loomandkiln

The greenery is a kind of accompaniment to your current decor: plants, greens, suspensions, etc. The addition of hanging plants and planters in each room brings a fresh and revitalizing air. In addition, if you choose real plants, they will oxygenate your home. If, however, you do not have a green thumb, today there are fake and succulent plants with a very realistic appearance (combination of plants in a cement pot).

Photo: pinterest

This spring, the tropical style came in force, with its exotic and very bright colors. But, can it remain relevant for the fall / winter 2018 season? As mentioned above, each style has its own personality, so why not adapt it to the season? So yes, certainly, it will be present especially in the more sober, neutral and refined prints.

Photo: eremass.blogspot

One of the decorative trends where the word “cocooning” makes perfect sense is of course: the chic shack or chalet chic. What characterizes this style is nature, warmth, comfort. Who does not like to relax on a weekend in a cottage, whether on the edge of a lake, in the forest or at home! Redecorate in the chic shack style and live the cottage life every day. Note that this is a decorative trend that tries to stay, because, in 2018, it’s more a way of life than a passing fad.

Photo: 30smagazine

Wrapping colors, velvet, floral prints, the perfect combination to create an English-style setting. Yes! This fall, we update the English style with more elegance, chic and comfort, these are the key words that characterize this trend that is making a strong appearance in store. By the way, here are 4 examples of what can be found in Kozy.

Photo: scrumrf

A particular new trend is also arriving in our shops and everywhere on the internet: wabi sabi. Like feng shui, it is a simple way of life and an aesthetic and natural way to position your environment. We see raw and worn materials: stone, wood, old furniture. The natural cracks and flaws make all the beauty of the decor. We will devote a blog specifically on wabi-sabi, to follow!