RICARDO cuisine automne 2018||RICARDO cuisine automn 2018


RICARDO cuisine automn 2018

Whether it’s for your own recipe, your grandmother’s or Ricardo’s, you’ll need good cooking tools. Here are the “must” to have in your kitchen to succeed each of your dishes.

For a simple white rice, pilaf rice or even quinoa, you need this cooker. It is very simple to use and come with all the necessary accessories for the preparation of a perfect rice. It is ideal even for large quantities. Have one less pan to watch over the fire when cooking.

Anyone will know how to make an excellent rice:

  • Measure the amount of rice or other desired and put in the container

  • Rinse the rice

  • Fill with the amount of water required

  • Close the lid and press the button corresponding to your ingredient.

Everything is calculated and prepared by itself. When the cooking is finished, it automatically goes into warming mode. It’s awesome! And for even more ease of life, the container is dishwasher safe, so very easy to maintain.

The most indispensable tool of all for the “comfort food” is of course: the slow cooker. What could be better than having a ready and hot meal when you arrive to work? From beef bourguignon to «pouding chômeur», your taste buds will fall in love with your kitchen.

As easy to use as possible with its 3 operating modes (low, high and warm). Program recipes cooking for 30 minutes to 12 hours and when the cycle is over it automatically falls into warm mode. In addition, the ceramic dish is easily removed to put in the dishwasher.

Why choose this casserole? Because it is ideal for infusion of flavors, whether for fish or stewed chicken. Its embossed lid ensures steam circulation and continuous watering of food. Make all your meals in the same dish: grill, mix, simmer and serve!

Ricardo’s enamelled cast iron casserole is designed to retain and distribute heat evenly and functionally. The handles are wider and ergonomic which makes handling very safe.

Create your favorite recipes or try Ricardo’s included with the casserole, another reason for your taste buds to be excited.

For crepe lovers, whether for dinner or lunch, from ham crepe to traditional maple syrop crepe, you’ll be thrilled! It was designed with The Rock technology, which makes it denser and more durable than Teflon. In addition to having a nonstick surface three times more durable, it is compatible with all cooking surfaces.

The utensils that accompany it (spatula and wooden rake) allow to create thin crepes perfectly uniform and golden. Cook like a professional at home, and most importantly, do not forget to use the Ricardo crepe mixer that will simplify your life.