Top 4 tips for a softer back-to-school experience

Of course not! Impossible? Mehh!! NOT ALREADY 😳

No matter how you put it, we have to face the facts: the return to the classroom is imminent.

By: Sylvia Tessier

No matter how you put it, it's time to face the facts: the return to school is imminent.

Don't panic!


By following 4 simple tips...


Talk to your child. Get the "bad guy" out. Listen to his concerns & the reasons for his stress WITHOUT minimizing them. One person's irritants are rarely the other's, and every emotion is valid. Together, you'll be able to determine strategies, find ways to pull yourself together, titillate his inner calm, even if it's just by breathing deeply.Take this opportunity to tell him about your childhood memories and give him advice that might have helped you back then!


We can't say it enough: a well-thought-out routine is the key to success! Mealtimes, sleep routines, the little snippets of relaxation that are so important, reinstalling healthy lifestyle habits with your little ones is PRI-MOR-DIAL.

A few drops of Lavandin essential oil on the pillow to promote sleep 💧

Salt or a bath bomb for a moment of quality relaxation 🛀🏻

Une practical tablet to develop independence 🪥🦷


keep the whole aspect of shopping & choosing supplies as a family activity where fun is at the forefront! Involve little girl & son in every process, so it becomes real in their heads. Let them choose a whimsical item that's not on the list (fun "post-its" or a marker that smells like melon, why not), or a cute little thing for the lunchbox like this polyester ice bag. A little joy they'll cherish when they unpack their school supplies while sitting at their desks! ✏️😍

Pssst: Labeling all materials with a special snack can also be a delightful preparatory step for your youngsters!


Make this back-to-school season a big party! 🥳

On the big day, use a pretty felt board to record key information about this period: the child's age, his or her school year, the profession he or she would like to pursue later on, whatever comes to mind - the priority being to engrave a piece of this passage in your memories with as many stoop photos as possible! Otherwise, think about making a unique & creative breakfast with glittery waffles, or use cookie cutters to model shapes in pancakes, sky is the limit! (and no matter how talented you are, the attention itself will melt many a little heart, we're sure) 💗🧇

The whole Kozy team wishes you a sweet & gentle back-to-school!