Tout sur nos nouveaux sacs écologiques||Everything you need to know on our new ecological bags


Everything you need to know on our new ecological bags

You may have noticed them in store during the holiday season, we now have new reusable sandwich and snack bags in our in-house collection.

In order with our desire to offer our customers products that are eco-responsible, we have decided to create our own range of reclosable bags to offer a responsible alternative to reclosable plastic bags.

In addition to being ecological, it is a local product that was designed and manufactured here, in Quebec.

Indeed, is it not better to buy a local ecological product that encourages our economy? It is with this idea in mind that we found a way to offer you a purely Quebec product.

Our bags are inspired by conventional sizes of disposable reclosable bags that are currently available on the market, in order to be able to replace them effectively. Unlike our previous bags, these have the same size as a disposable bag, which now makes them much more practical.

Made by seamstresses in Mauricie with a food grade antibacterial PUL interior and a polyester exterior, they are washable, reusable, good for the environment and will make your office colleagues jealous, in addition to entertaining young and old. To wash them, just open the zipper and put them in the washer. Otherwise, you can easily hand wash them with soap and water along with your dishes. The fabric has been chosen not to bleed, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Available in two sizes (sandwich and snack) and several fun designs like llamas, arrows, tropical melons and cats. Our new bags are sure to please everyone in the family. Give them a try, especially if you want to reduce your ecological footprint in 2020! With designs that will change with the seasons, don’t wait to get your model before it’s gone!

We even did the math: If you use a sandwich bag a day for work or school, equipping yourself with disposable bags would cost you around $ 17 / year, and so would your snacks. Quickly, your eco-friendly bag will not only help you keep our oceans cleaner, but also save you money!

In the end, making ecological choices is not only a good gesture for the environment, but also for our wallet.