A di-WINE infatuation!


September is (already) knocking on our doors with its cooler breezes, enveloping colors, pumpkin blossoms & above all (to our very personal taste) harvest time! 🍇🙆🏻‍♀️

By: Sylvia Tessier

The region's vineyards have a festive air about them, harvesting the fruit of months of hard work - the crowning glory!

Although our knowledge of the subject stops there, our passion for wine tasting stretches to infinity! It continues to grow through our range of wine accessories, proudly designed right here in our beloved Lanaudière region.

Don't you agree that you don't always have to take the wine route to indulge in an enriching and discovery-filled wine trip? The in-laws' backyard on a balmy Sunday evening, the jet-set terrace of a trendy acquaintance next weekend, your cozy living room for an impromptu moment with friends? All these answers are good ones, because in the end, all it really takes is a quality bottle, quality glasses + accessories & quality people... you guessed it!

We may not be the Dalai Lama, but we've got tons of spiritual quotes in our bundle!With that in mind, we've come up with a short list of our essentials, plus a few revelations for a truly enhanced experience.

Translated with DeepL

OXYGEN wine glasses, from Trudeau

Say "good-bye" to the traditional decanter and simplify your everyday life with this cutaway model, which, thanks to its inserts, aerates the wine and releases its aromas more easily. The distinguished look of its crystalline glass will delight connoisseurs for whom simplicity is a strong ally.

Good to know: A 25-year warranty applies to these glasses, which just goes to show how confident we are of their durability & property! 😇

Our Kozy-exclusive pouring spout with cooling stem

Okay, if you seriously didn't already know about this tool, you'll have a little 2 minutes of gratitude ahead of you, we swear! Whether it's a last-minute visit, a craving for a good drink, or you've only got room-temperature bottles on hand, we say: zero worries!

Quick tip: always - beforehand - keep the stem in the freezer and take it out when you need it. It'll save the day and lower your favorite Chardonnay by a few degrees! As for the pouring spout, it needs no introduction, even if it does wonders for a precise alignment rendered at the second, third bottle! 😅

Microfiber glass towels

Tired of dishwasher marks on your glasses when you offer them to your guests? We can't either! With these microfiber glass towels, residue, dust & water spots disappear forever, and no one will miss them! Oversized for a larger drying surface, they promise to dry right the first time.Very affordable, we recommend you buy several, as it's not uncommon for someone to walk away with one at the end of the evening! You've been warned! 🧽🤩

The wine pump

Although we're not sure if it's possible, we've heard that there are people who don't finish their bottle of wine on the first night! Meh, impossible!! 🙃

No joke, no matter what the reason, a good wine shouldn't be wasted just because it couldn't be drunk in its entirety let's see! That's where the wine pump comes in, it will extend its lifespan by altering the internal air pressure of your liquid delight, so you can enjoy it for another week or so! IN-GREAT, isn't it?

Wine glasses with playful text

"Where there's no sarcasm or humor, there's no fun!"

Well, that's not totally what the saying goes, but we've rethought it to tell you about our fun and unique super wine glasses. A hostess 🎁 that will surprise and undoubtedly end up becoming its recipient's glass of choice, especially since in this one, red, white & rosé are all accepted without protocol!

In closing, what we're trying to tell you is that savouring the flavours & other exhilarating pleasures of life starts first and foremost with the right attitude and surrounded by those you love to the full.

Cheers to this wise observation! 🍷🥰