Célébrez les mères de vos vies avec les FavOZY de l’équipe!||Celebrate the mothers in your life with the FavOZY team!


Celebrate the mothers in your life with the FavOZY team!

Discover the "favorite" products of the team... or the "Favozy" as we like to call them

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you’re running out of affordable & creative gift ideas? Don’t worry! We’ve selected a list of KOZY favorites (affectionately known as “FavOZY”) for you. Because firstly, we know about gifts and decoration and secondly, we are big fans of our own products! Here are the preferences of the different members of the office team, all categories included – for a mom who will undoubtedly receive a winning gift!

District manager

I have mixed feelings, because I love the smell of our Perfect Man candle from Three Wix & Co, but the best gift to give her mom for me would be the black FAUVE backpack by Maïka Desnoyers. Racy, versatile and totally F-A-S-H-I-O-N! My crush all the way! See

Writing and web

I am particularly fond of all the items from Fabrique Champêtre: the personalized cushions, the playful dishcloths or the crisp text mugs, there is nothing left to chance with this brand. Especially since they’re putting flowers, pastel colors and feminine colors in the forefront this year! A must-have that will make many moms smile in my opinion. See

Marketing Director

Designing the packaging for the Three Wix & Co collection has been a very exciting experience and I’m proud of every single design I’ve created for this line. Asking me which one is my favorite would be like asking me which of my babies I love the most! See

Marketing & Operations

Without any hesitation, my choice is the new Caracol bags. You can wear it on your shoulder, on your waist (hello music festivals!) or simply as an organizer in your backpack. Tons of storage space and a good quality/price ratio, it’s the accessory to own…or to offer! See

Executive Assistant

I think what I would love to receive the most is the “Champagne Toast” candle and bath bomb duo from Three Wix & Co. Having the avocado oil based bath bomb treat your skin while the candle scent fills the room is pretty much my definition of happiness! See

Purchase Manager

I would definitely give the SELV Northern Ritual Immersive Kit to my mom. I like everything about this product: original, made in Quebec with a great look, what more could you want? See

Purchasing & MEM Director

I particularly like the idea of suggesting a moment of rest to someone who wouldn’t necessarily take it. Everything is included in the Relaxation Box to live a relaxing experience and that’s what every mother dreams of in secret, right? See