The 3rd trend 2024 is one of intuitive inspiration, focused on a state of plenitude & comfort: say hello to organic aesthetics! 🌿

By: Sylvia Tessier

This style takes us back to our roots. We go in search of an environment where nature takes pride of place - in a fundamental desire to bring the outdoors into our homes. The imperfections of raw elements help to achieve the balance so sought-after.

Bamboo, rattan, wicker, linen, cotton, wood & concrete are key components for an authentic ambience that will transcend the years.

When it comes to sustainable materials, walnut, acacia, rosewood and teak come to mind, as much for their character as for their charisma. The natural touch that is often missing from modern decors.

Bohemian, retro, ethnic-chic, Zen and minimalist, one thing is certain: the organic reign is characterized by generous, graceful curves. Dare to be curvaceous, they are the perfect complement to the warm richness offered by this timeless trend. The straight lines of furniture, accessories and even lighting are replaced by fluid curves. Original lighting is an effective way to start the transition. A few textured or natural-fibre accessories, such as a variety of plants, are an instant change of direction, and that's it, you're there!

The modern organic movement is reminiscent of hygge, the happy state of mind that originated in Denmark.

Inspired by minimalism, but with a less country farmhouse feel, this trend is a gentle evolution, according to designer Émilie Cerretti. 1

The enhancement of our living spaces always reflects a necessary uniqueness - which is why we'd like to share a few gems with you to help you recreate a bit of that magic at home.

1 Cerretti, Émilie. (2024, mars). 3 styles sous la loupe: le courant moderne organique. Les idées de ma maison, 406, 24-25.