Totally frosted cocktails!

It's finally getting warmer & there will be more opportunities to enjoy an aperitif. We've come up with some thirst-quenching variations, thank you! 🍹

By: Sylvia Tessier

What sparked our passion for ice cream? Ricardo's brand-new iced beverage machine! A little jewel for your upcoming summer receptions - and even for smaller, more intimate parties.

Here are 3 inspiring recipes to suit your needs (or your expertise 🤭 ). The first, for those in the mood to get a little eccentric, the second, with elements prepared for a simplified version, and the third, a more general drink, but "slush" style! Get your glasses, everyone, let's go! 🫗

Iced Cappuccino à la Roxane 🤌🏼

One cup of coffee of your choice (250ml)

1/2 cup milk, coffee creamer or sweetened “creamer” of your choice (vanilla or our fav, maple)

Ice cubes (about 4 depending on desired consistency)

* extra foam on top with “creamer” for sweet foam! 😋

L'Espresso Martini Sylvia's pref 🍸

1.5 oz vodka

0, 5 oz coffee liqueur

1 oz espresso coffee

½ oz maple syrup or simple syrup

Ice cubes (about 4 depending on desired consistency)

* a few coffee beans as garnish 😍

Sabrina's Love Frosted Aperol Spritz

3 oz sparkling wine

2 oz Aperol

1 oz club soda

Ice cubes (about 4 depending on desired consistency)

* 1 orange half slice or other according to your preference 🍊

You'll see, once you've used this quick and, let's face it, elegant kitchen tool, you'll swear by it for all your 5@7s! Identify us on social media when you make sublime iced cocktails - we love it! 🍧😍