In tapas mode: fresh and tasty on the menu!

With all this sunshine and warmth, sometimes you just want to entertain your guests with appetizing, no-fuss appetizers! It's 100% legit!

By: Sylvia Tessier

And since the tray trend is in full swing, we thought it would be ingenious to present you with the best possible combinations to make, "culinarily" speaking of course.

We take a quick look at our star gourmet products & tell you 1 or 2 ideas to use them to their full capacity, are you up for it? We've even thought of dessert! 🍧😋

Yes? here we go!

Balsamic cream

This little gem of a product has been a classic for ages, but let's say you're hearing about it (or reading about it) for the very first time: O-M-G! We're so excited to introduce you to your new favorite aromatic partner! Of course, it's all the rage on a shelf of tomatoes, basil & mozzarella di bufala cheese, but it'll also charm you as a plate perfumer, just before you lay down your tartars, risottos or smoky grilled meats!

Chef Kozy's tip : Try it with bacon-wrapped scallops, we love it!

Our caramels

The reputation of La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil's handmade caramel is unquestionable. Truly decadent, these practical little sweet pots are open to all winds, and they deposit their magic on everything they touch! From toast to ice cream, you can't get enough! And between us, we wouldn't even judge you if you decided to dive right in, with a spoon! đŸ„„đŸ€­

The top seller : fleur de sel, but you'll find them in 5 delicious, comforting flavors!

Chef Kozy's tip : Twist your caffeinated beverage of choice (cold or hot) by pouring an abundant caramel coulis over the top!

Confits & spreads

Artisan bread, charcuterie, cheese [decadent if possible] and a generous portion of this confit is pretty much all you need for a bite that will go down in history as the most wonderful sandwich you've ever been allowed to enjoy! đŸ„Ș 🧅 Otherwise, it's a great accompaniment to purĂ©es, gratins or even as is, with fine cheeses & bubbles please!

Chef Kozy's tip : Don't forget to refrigerate after opening to maximize shelf life, until expiry!

Our mustard of happiness

When the product name is also the list of ingredients used, you know it's a safe bet. No flafla, no extra, just an appetizing condensation of garlic, mustard & white balsamic. A real pleasure in the mouth, whether enjoyed as a marinade for your meat or fish, as a dressing for your salads or even on the side, for your favorite tartars and sandwiches. Nothing can resist it! 🌭💛

Bread dips & oils

Express riddle : what enhances the flavors of just about anything at the table with little manipulation? Right on the money : our extra-virgin green olive oil! It's sure to liven up all your pasta, fish and even vegetable dishes! We're sure it'll restore your desire to munch greedily on the latter, as well as making creative, moist & melt-in-your-mouth desserts. Because yes, this divine liquid will add a tad special flavor to your sweet recipes - it'll be our well-kept secret! đŸ€«đŸ«’

Chef Kozy's tip : With its distinctive flavor, it has less than 0.3% acidity.

If you're entertaining this summer, and you're doing it with some of our products, don't forget to share your great recipes with us by tagging us @boutiquekozy 😍