Trendy fragrances

Do you love the freshness of winter, without the frozen feet & runny nose that come with it? 🥶 Ditto!

By: Sylvia Tessier

So we're bringing the glow of the outdoors indoors with a few of our favorite winter scents, plus a few explanations on how to choose the right product to perfume your home.

When it comes to aromatherapy, there are many guests at the ball. However, not all of them have the same vocation and, above all, the same lifespan. Let's settle the issue once and for all!

Let us guide you through the process to understand how to find the right product for your ambience needs:

Lamps Berger

Probably the safest choice, the one that not only perfumes the room with a delicious scent, but above all purifies the air and breaks down bacteria. With the heat of catalysis, molecules are attracted, then completely destroyed. The instructions are simpler than the chemical terms, I promise!

1- Fill the lamp with the Berger fragrance of your choice (note that we recommend filling to one-quarter or one-half full, depending on the desired duration - otherwise, you'll waste the product through evaporation);

2- Slide the stone cord into the lamp and make sure the stone is properly aligned on top;

3- Light the stone with a lighter (ideally, no matches). A large flame will emerge. Wait 2-3 minutes for the flame to diminish, a sign that the stone is hot enough for the process;

4- Put on the diffusion cap and let the magic happen!

Depending on the surface area to be embalmed, it's best to use your lamp for 15 to 40 minutes.

Did you know? You don't like strong scents & you just want to purify the air in your home? There's a "Neutral" fragrance that lets you dilute other fragrances, or even purify the air without the scent!

Reed diffusers

This product works wonders in small spaces that normally breathe a lot. Entrances and bathrooms, for example. The more air there is, the more the fragrance is drawn in & will spread throughout the environment. Simply turn the reeds over once in a while to refresh & reactivate the scent.

Did you know? Once the bottle is empty, we suggest replacing the reeds, as they will become saturated and no longer offer the same diffusion.

Scented candles

Once again, we place our candles in smaller spaces to ensure a good breeze, otherwise the fragrance will be subtle, even insufficient. 3-wick candles are preferred for maximum concentrated fragrance!

Did you know? We recommend cutting the wick by about 1/4 inch before each use. Why? To allow the candle to burn evenly and to avoid premature extinction.

Electric diffusers

For optimum value for money, electric diffusers are worth considering. What we like best is that, with this product, you control the dosage & intensity of the scent. The more drops of aromatic oil you put in the water of your diffuser, the stronger it will smell in the room! No flame, no stress & renowned for enhancing well-being, it's not for nothing that it's one of our best sellers!

Did you know? You need to change the water in the tank & clean it frequently.

Scented sachets

Pretty, good, inexpensive. That's what scented envelopes are all about. Their versatility is not to be underestimated, as they can easily be carried wherever you like: the car, sports bags, wardrobes - all places where a little nasal bliss is desired!

Here are 6 of our (fabulous) scents that evoke the cold season:

Cashmere cream, frozen lake, spice earth, grandmother's pear, beaumier fir & eucalyptus.