Guide cadeaux : Pour maman||Gift guide : For mom


Gift guide : For mom

Are you looking for original gift ideas that are sure to please your mother? No matter what type of mom you have, we have a variety of items to gift to her. Whether your mother is a fashion fan, she loves cooking, dreams of a moment of relaxation or even she’s eco-friendly, you will certainly find a gift that she will love.

Gift sets

Nothing is easier to give and more pleasant to receive than a gift set. Turnkey, we have a few gift sets that are perfect for moms.

Gourmet boxes

Set of delicious caramel or set of gourmet products for cooking, our gourmet boxes are perfect for mothers who love cooking and love local products.

Festive evening box

A beautiful wine glass on a stem, a coaster and a game to play with friends around a bottle, this set is perfect for moms who like to take the time to have fun with a glass in hand.

Boxes to take care of her

For the mom who deserves to take time for herself, these boxes are what she needs. Two options of set: candle plus messages of happiness or candle plus wishing pellet to fill.

Ideas for all types of mom

Because no mom is the same, we have a variety of items that will appeal to different types of moms. Shop through our different categories and find the perfect item your mom will love.

Local products gift ideas

The holiday season is a great time to encourage businesses here. At Kozy, we promote local and we have several 100% local collections that offer wonderful products to give away for Christmas gifts. Moms will be delighted to receive a gift that is, in addition to being chosen especially for her, local.