Guide de décoration du temps des Fêtes||Holiday decorating guide


Holiday decorating guide

Who said we have to wait until December 1st to start putting up our holiday decorations? At Kozy, the holiday spirit has already arrived. We love Christmas, and especially this year!

With the current context and the holiday season that may be different for 2020, we believe it is important to put magic in homes with the most beautiful Christmas decorations, and this, now!

Are you ready too? Here is our decorating guide to prepare you well!

The christmas tree

The decorative element you are probably looking forward to the most: the Christmas tree! This is the centerpiece that will make your decor say “wow”. Lights are not enough to illuminate your tree, do not be afraid to dare for more original ornaments. From illuminated Christmas baubles to a ballerina dress, the possibilities are endless!

The steps for a successful Christmas tree:

  1. Be inspired here to choose the desired style
  2. Shop in store and online among our holiday items
  3. Put on Christmas music
  4. Make yourself a good hot chocolate
  5. And finally, decorate your tree!

Trendy colors in 2020

Pink - Soft and festive

Pink is a trending color this year in Christmas decorations. You will certainly see it everywhere! Well coordinated in the decoration, pink can perfectly become the centerpiece color of your decor. By adding a side that is both soft and festive, this color is perfect for bringing the magic and joy of the holiday season to your home.


Feel free to pair pink with decorations in hues of silver, gold and white to soften the look.

Mint green - Refreshing

Dare to refresh your decorations with mint green. Whether alone or combined with more traditional or metallic colors, mint green certainly has its place in Christmas decorations. It will bring light and energy into your home, while remaining soothing.

Gold and black - Chic and elegant

For a more chic holiday season, opt for the timeless black and gold duo. These two colors are perfect together to create an elegant harmony. The black is the perfect color to bring out the gold. The black and gold decorations will blend in well with a less colorful current decor without having to change the actual decoration in the house.

Natural wood - Rustic chic

On a more rustic chic side, go for decorations in wood or in more natural colors. Traditional green with wood is a perfect mix! To appease the look even more, you can easily add pops of white to it. This style is versatile and the natural effect is comforting.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, perfectly decorated!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season, perfectly decorated!