Plantes artificielles : nos meilleurs conseils DIY||Artificial plants: our best advice


Artificial plants: our best advice

A do-it-yourself (DIY) is a principle that invites the person to do their own project, in their own way, rather than buy a turnkey solution or call on the services of a professional. Discover our tips and tricks here for creating your own DIY creation featuring artificial plants!

Artificial plants: still very advantageous

That is very true. Artificial plants are forever! They are also an easy solution to integrate a touch of nature into the interior of the house, especially for those who do not have a green thumb. With them, you can fully enjoy their greenery without worrying about maintenance. Do you think that fake plants are not pretty and that they are always easily distinguished from real plants? Think again! The look and feel of artificial plants is almost like the plants from Mother Nature’s garden. They are ideal for people who:

  • live in small spaces with little natural light;
  • lack of time for maintenance;
  • fear taking care of real plants.

How and where to integrate your arrangements?

Faux greenery easily matches any décor. As you can customize all of your DIY to your liking, there are no limits! Greenery adds color and life to any decor style.

You can just put one greens in a vase, but you can just as easily make a mixture of several greens. And why not add decorative objects to your DIY? For example, decorative candles or small trinkets could make your creations all the more unique.

Are you looking for a place to integrate your new creation? Greenery arrangements make pretty decorations on shelves and furniture; they also make wonderful centerpieces. Besides, we have a crush on DIY wedding reception centerpieces!

Choose your favorite greens

The first step to take when you want to create your own DIY is to choose the greenery (s) you want. This step is important since the size and height of your vase will depend on it.

Our favorites: succulents! These are plants that stand out for their fleshy appearance and their ability to adapt to more arid environments. They are often called “succulents”, although they do not contain fat. Quite small, artificial succulents can easily be incorporated into a DIY arrangement.

Find the perfect vase

Elongated, round, small, large, etc. Choosing your vase is not always easy, because the options are numerous. The most important thing is to find THE vase that will highlight the chosen greenery the most. For small succulents, we suggest a short glass vase while a long vase would be much more suitable for arranging branches. You could also opt for an opaque vase; in such a case, the stones would be optional.

Ajoutez des pierres décoratives pour encore plus de personnalisation

To complete your DIY arrangement, choose decorative stones to add to the vase. There are many choices available to you – in all shapes and colors. Do not hesitate to mix different types of stones to personalize your creation.

A word of advice: we suggest that you lay out different types of stones in an elongated clear vase. This will allow you to create a unique look.