A cocktail party like no other!

Sun + warmth + friends + vacations = aperitif exponent 1000 & we couldn't be more excited about this formula! đŸ«’

By: Sylvia Tessier

We don't know about you, but for our part, there aren't many more pleasant ways to kick off the summer season than when the invitations to aperitifs start pouring in. To welcome this precipitation appropriately, we've taken a look at the question and concocted an interesting little summary of the genesis of the apĂ©ro, along with some deliciously refreshing recipes! đŸ„‚đŸ€

First of all, why do we say "prendre l'apéro"? apéro, a diminutive of apéritif, comes from the Latin word "apertivus", derived from "aperire", meaning "to open". Ouf!

Basically, we want to whet other people's appetites with a good (often alcoholic) beverage and tasty, easy-to-eat morsels.

Originally, the aperitif had a medicinal purpose, slowly transforming into an opportunity to relax with friends or family after a long day at work. The appetite is stimulated by drinking and eating lightly, gently and with pleasure.

This very European tradition is gaining in popularity in our home province of Quebec, and to kick things off, we're sharing 3 of our favorite appetizers!

Cucumber & salmon maple rings

Simple but effective:

- 1 English cucumber

- cream cheese

- salt & pepper

- maple-smoked salmon (cubed or sliced)

- spicy mayonnaise for the finish

Tomato & Pistou Crisps

For the pistou:

- 50g pecans

- 2 or 3 cloves garlic

- 60 ml olive oil

- 50g fresh basil

1 ciabatta baguette, cut into fairly thin slices

Sliced dried tomatoes, to taste, to add to the toasted bread

Parmesan shavings, to taste as a finishing touch

"Happy" brochette

Slip on a stick:

- peach quarters

- mini bocconcinis cheese

- proscuitto (any thickness)

- tomato pesto coulis, our Lili Gourmet dressings or even our Wildly Delicious "Roasted Garlic & Parmesan" bread dip

Tips & suggestions

1- Si vous n'avez pas le temps (ou l'envie) de prĂ©parer des amuse-gueules, vous pouvez aussi opter pour des lĂ©gumes bien croquants, des croustilles, des craquelins Ă  tremper (salsa, houmous, tapenades & trempettes diverses), de la quiche, des fromages & des charcuteries ou des fruits Ă©lĂ©gants tel que des fraises. C'est cute des pointes d'ananas ou de melon, mais c''est juteux & un brin salissant - et collant. 🍉🙈

2- Bien qu'on ait tendance à vouloir tout présenter de maniÚre chic, le meilleur moyen de présenter votre nourriture avec originalité est de tout étendre sur un plateau, une grande assiette ou tout autre présentation qui tend à l'abondance & au partage. Pas de chichis, rien de compliqué, juste du délicieux!

3- Idéalement, on fait une variété de plusieurs aliments, mais pas en trop grosse quantité. Comme la plupart des bouchées contiennent des produits laitiers, des sauces & autre, on évite les pertes inutiles & rarement conservable en limitant les portions généreuses.

So now, get out the bubbles, your best smile & enjoy summer in good company! đŸŸâ˜€ïž