Porte-bougie en verre réversible - Clair||Reversible glass candle holder - Clear
Reversible glass candle holder - Clear
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Red wine glass - Splendido
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A reception like no other!

Although Thanksgiving is more popular with our neighbors to the south, the festivities surrounding Thanksgiving are on the rise. Why is this? Because we Quebecers love to welcome our loved ones with pomp and splendor.

By: Sylvia Tessier

Colorful, tasty & fragrant dishes invade the table, laughter erupts everywhere, wine glasses clink...a great communicative happiness in the thatched cottages here. 🥘

By the way, autumn has always had this slightly unifying, enveloping effect that we like to abandon ourselves to - do you approve? 🧡

In the spirit of sharing, we're "flashing" a few favorites that may inspire you to embellish your table, or so we hope!

Opulence, even on the dinner plate

There's nothing more sumptuous than using gilded utensils to set the table. The glitz will quickly catch the eye of your guests, who will immediately feel overwhelmed by the luxurious velvet. Once in a while, it's okay to be a little princely!

Wood for a hint of warmth

Don't hesitate to incorporate wood elements into your presentation. For example, our acacia serving dishes are an excellent addition to create a warm ambience, not to mention their durability!

Wrap the table with grace

The way you dress your table will 100% set the tone for the desired look. For this event, we're going for warm, honeyed hues that highlight the autumn harvest!

Adopt clear glassware

Although you could embellish your centerpiece with gourds, pumpkins & other seasonal produce, dare to play with the brilliance of streaky glass - you won't be disappointed! Our vases are reminiscent of the prestigious cutlery of the past, with their right amount of gilding. Mega chic (for not a lot of $).

Express tips for a hassle-free meal:

Prepare everything food-wise that can be prepared in advance [taking into account shelf life, of course];

Prioritize simplistic, yet flavorful bites! Unless you opt for a dish simmered the same day that will scent the nostrils of your guests when they arrive;

We choose to cook what we know... no time to try a fancy recipe to impress the gallery!

It's all in the atmosphere so with our decorative items, it's not so bad if you burn the turkey! 🦃😅

Have a great long weekend & don't forget to tag us on your publications with @boutiquekozy if you ever put a bit of us in your decor (it'll be like we're sitting at your table and we love the idea)! 🥰