5 trends to nurture

A quick roundup of the year's decorative trends, we sum up with the 5 musts to adopt for a completely transformed home! 🖐🏼🤍

By: Sylvia Tessier

With maximalism, organics, playfulness & all the other trends we've covered here in recent posts, it's normal to get a little lost and hesitate about the right choices to make.

That's why we've decided to present you with 5 options that are easy to integrate into your decor, without upsetting it too much. What's more, the styles work beautifully together, so there's no headache, just beauty to admire! 🤩

Choice #1
Dark woodwork

We choose it for many reasons, but mainly for its versatility. Whether on the table, in your furniture or as an accessory, its superpowers will be the same: inviting warmth & nature for a stylish tête-à-tête.

Choice #2
Vibrant art

We give character to our room by dressing it in items with numerous patterns, oversized or completely crazy! When we get bored and want to soften the mood, we remove the funkier pieces & replace them with our passion of the moment!

Choice #3
English country

Tame on a more rural & tranquil lifestyle by incorporating elements that encourage slowing down, in the tone of European country decor. A style inclined to savor & slow down - a slow & totally intentional lifestyle.

Choice #4
Long live curves!

Curves are ubiquitous in nature. Let's embrace this trend by limiting square surfaces & straight lines. For once, we can turn round corners, and indulge ourselves with furniture, lighting fixtures or pieces that are all round!

Choice #5
Black on white

A classic since the dawn of time, the checkerboard effect enhances the look of a bathroom, powder room or office, for example. Of course, it's best used in small doses, especially in smaller rooms, to cheat with a slightly psychedelic visual!